Anglican Parish of Kidman Park and Mile End

School Programs


For the last 10 years our parish has formed a link with the teachers and students at Seaton High School.  It initially began with a request from the School to provide bread for breakfast to a Special Needs Class.  The situation expanded rapidly to include both breakfast and some lunchtime needs.

Once we heard that some of these students were coming to school hungry, generous parishioners have consistently given money so that food could be purchased and delivered to this class about every 3 weeks.

We know that our support has helped the morale of the class and assisted the students with their learning.  The teachers concerned are always thankful.

Classroom Support at Kidman Park Primary School

Since 2011, a group of parishioners has enjoyed the rewarding experience of giving classroom support to teachers at Kidman Park Primary School who have students with a wide range of learning abilities.

With extra adults in the classroom, students can be divided into groups where they can receive individual support tailored to their needs and levels of learning. Activities that are supported include; reading, literacy, project research, mathematics and craft work.

So many students have responded positively to this extra support and a strong link has now developed between the school, the teachers and our parish.

If you would like to find out more, or get involved in this rewarding initiative please contact the Parish Office.

School Ministry Group

In supporting local schools we work with the School Ministry Group. In particular, we provide moral support for the Pastoral Care Worker at Kidman Park Primary School.

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